Amarilla Knyihár

Date & place of birth: 1977. Békéscsaba, Hungary


1992 - 96 ‘István Törkény’ High School of Arts Szeged, Hungary

Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts, Specialising in Textile.

1996 – 97 Dresser and Decorater High School, Budapest, Hungary

1997 - 02 Hungarian Fine Art University, Budapest, Hungary

2002        Diploma: Painter.

Teaching post:

Present: High School of Arts, Pécs, Hungary Teaching; Painting and Drawing.


1998 ‘Kempinszky’ Application, Budapest, Hungary First prize. 

2002 - 05 Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary Derkovits Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture.

Since 2002 she’s a member of the National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists

2010 Member of Közelítés Association of Hungarian Creative Artists